Adam Pavitt

Adam Pavitt, the Australian folk musician, represents with his life and his stories Melbourne’s music culture as a whole. He was born in rural NSW, came in contact with music at a very young age and dreamed of a life as musician through his teenager years. He spend hours on the phone playing the newest tricks on the guitar to his friend.

And than, one day it was time to leave town, and make the dream become true. As for so many young musicians, Melbourne is the first place to go. Known for its versatile and alive music culture and nightlife, this is the place to be to hang out with fellow musicians, to play the many venues for a generally very fun crowd of music fans.

Since he moved to Melbourne, he plays regularly in the CBD and many of the inner Suburbs. He is also often seen “busking” in the streets, as he says: “this is were you meet the most interesting people”.

Last month, he released his first album “Seasons will pass”, with 12 of is songs he played for many years in the streets of Melbourne. They’re telling stories of his first arrival “Silver, Gold and Bronze”, protest-songs against the current war politic, and about love and friendship. He is heading of for his Australian East-Coast tour in December. Don’t miss out!!!

His video clips are powered by Midnight Mountain Film.

You can find more details about his music, artwork and upcoming shows on his website:

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