Adam Pavitt – Silver, Gold and Bronze

Here he is again. Adam Pavitt’s new single is titled “Silver, Gold and Bronze”. A cheer to his beginnings as a busker in Melbourne many years ago, the video focuses on memories of fun times with nice people in the streets of this beautiful city mixed with a pinch of melancholy over moments lost in time, and loneliness in a constantly changing place.
In this video clip, we juxtaposed people moving very fast against Adam standing still like a rock (n’roll).

Produced by Midnight Mountain Film within a two week schedule including post-production.

Adam Pavitt – No Arms

This is the second video clip for Adam Pavitt’s Album “Seasons Will Pass”.
“No Arms” illustrates Adam’s peace instead of war philosophy. For him, it was important to get this video done as soon as possible, to send out a message of peace in our troubled times.
We made a bluescreen and filmed Adam singing in front of it. Then we imposed still images, (many drawn by Adam himself), that represented the contrast between war and peace, onto the bluescreen. In some scenes, we animated some images to illustrate the devastating effects of war, and the contrasting wonder of peace.

Produced by Midnight Mountain Movies. Filming took 1 day, with post-production taking 8 weeks.

Adam Pavitt – Seasonal Pass

“Seasonal Pass” was produced for Melbourne artist Adam Pavitt. Adam had a very clear idea of what he wanted for the first video clip from his new album titles “Seasons Will Pass”.
The song is about friendship, the change of seasons, and nature. Adam wanted all of these themes to tie in together, with the whole feeling of the video to be summery, light and a bit psycheldelic. After discussing ideas and finalising the storyboard, we went location-hunting. Then we commenced filming. A lot of the paintings we used in the video clips are original artwork by Adam. The clip was filmed in a day plus a super-early morning in which we went to the beach to get some surf footage of Adam.
We are very pleased with the result, and hope you have as much fun watching it as we had making it:)

This is also the debut video for Midnight Mountain Film.